Denecke Smart Slate 9v Adapter

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Experience our 9V smart slate adapter – a perfect solution for powering your Denecke TS-C slate with a single 9V battery. This innovative adapter, is perfect for filmmakers and video professionals seeking a reliable power source for their slates.

Our 9V adapter ensures consistent power supply to your Denecke TS-C slate, eliminating the need for multiple AA batteries and streamlining your workflow. The carbon fiber nylon construction offers strength and durability, while maintaining a lightweight design that's easy to integrate with your existing setup.

Upgrade your Denecke TS-C slate's power management with our carbon fiber nylon 9V Adapter. Order today and experience extended slate battery life on your productions.

Key Features:

• Fits Denecke TS-C slate
• Allows use of (1) 9v over AAs
• No modification necessary

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